Imperial German Navy in World War I

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Battleships at Jutland

While building my 1/144 scale model of the SMS Hindenburg for the International Radio Control Warship Combat Club, I discovered that information on the Imperial German Navy was hard to find, at least in English. What I'm going to attempt is to place all the little tid-bits of information and photos I accumulate here so that they may be of assistance to others. Please bear with me as I populate this page, it could take a while.

To begin with most of the information posted here will be about German World War I era battlecruisers since that is what I was building. I do have some photos of other capital ships that I have collected over time off the web and I will also be placing them here, but initially many of the links will lead to other webpages that may have already posted the relavent information. (why re-invent the wheel ;-)

Special thanks to Peter Lienau for setting me straight on many of the details and providing me with invaluable information.

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