Models of HSF Leichte Kreuzer

Name: SMS Condor
Class: Bussard
Scale: 1:100
Builder: Gert Frerichs

Port Quarter View

Name: SMS Leipzig
Class: Bremen
Scale: 1:100
Builder: Ralph Dahmke

Port View

Name: SMS Emden (1)
Class: Dresden
Scale: 1:50
Dirk Schulze and Manfred Zinnecker

Starboard Bow View
Detail of Starboard Forecastle
Detail of Port Foc'sle
Even Closer Detail of Port Foc'sle
Starboard Bridge
Detail of Starboard Bridge
Detail of Starboard Aft Gun Stations
Detail of Port Aft Gun Stations
Aft Conning Station
Close-up of Portside Boat Davit
Port Midships View
Port Bow View
Detail of Foretop
Detail of Maintop

Name: SMS Pillau
Class: Pillau
Scale: 1:100
Builder: Stefan Müller

Port View
Port focsle seen from above
Port midships seen from above
Port quarterdeck seen from above

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