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Large Cruiser Blücher

Although not truly a battlecruiser, SMS Blücher was Germany's answer to reports of a new class of armoured cruiser reportedly being constructed by Great Britain. Basing their specifications on those released for the new British ship, SMS Blücher was designed with twelve 8.3" guns in six twin turrets in a hexagonal layout that served as the prototype for contemporary German battleships. But the ship she had been designed to fight was HMS Invincible. Completely outclassed by the new British dreadnought in both speed and armament, facts born out at Dogger Bank, Germany had to go back to the drawing board to design the SMS Von der Tann.


Plan View - 1914 Line Drawing - Side View (Greger)
Plan View - 1914 Line Drawing - Side View (Gröner)
Starboard Bow Starboard Bow Aspect
Starboard Side Starboard Aspect - 1912
Starboard Quarter Starboard Quarter Aspect
Port Quarter Port Quarter Aspect (U.S. National Archives)
Port Bow Port Bow Aspect (U.S. National Archives)


Project Name: Heavy Cruiser E
Builder: Blohm & Voss, Hamburg
Laid Down: 1907
Launched: April 11, 1908
Commissioned: October 1, 1909
Sunk: January 24, 1915 (Sunk by British battlecruisers off Dogger Bank)
Scrapped: N/A
Displacement: 15,842 tonnes (designed) / 17,500 tonnes (maximum)
Dimensions (meters): 161.8 (overall) x 24.5 x 8.84
Dimensions (feet): 533.94 (overall) x 80.85 x 29.17
# of Shafts: 3
# of Propeller Blades: 4 (center prop 5.3m diameter, outer props 5.6m)
# of Rudders: 1
Max Speed/Range: 24.5 kts / 6,600 nm at 12 kts
Main Battery: Twelve 210mm (8.3")/45 caliber - 6 twin turrets
Secondary Battery: Eight 150mm (5.9")/45 caliber - 8 casement mounts
Anti-Torpedo Boat / Anti-Aircraft Battery: Sixteen 88mm (3.5")/45 caliber - single mounts
Torpedo Tubes: Four 45cm tubes (all underwater - one bow, one stern, one mounted on each side just aft of "Anton" turret)
Complement: 41 officers and 812 enlisted (as designed)


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