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SMS Ostfriesland - Overall and Hull Detail Photos

Images of Ostfriesland's propellers and rudders taken in drydock at the New York Navy Yard.

Some hull details including bilge keel and sea strainer (water intake for boiler condensers)

Some close-up photos of the various exterior Torpedo Tube (TT) mouths. The tubular protrusion is called a "spoon" and is used to interupt the flow of water along the hull to keep the exiting torpedo from being drawn aft before it has completely left the tube, keeping it from being bent or jammed in the tube. Photos are from the bow moving down the starboard side to the aft tube.

As part of the investigation a section of the armor belt was removed near "E" Turret as shown in this photo.

Ostfriesland being maneuvered out of drydock at the New York Navy Yard, January 4, 1921.

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